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At w88eshop we provide customised software and license this to our customers.

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w88eshop manages payment solutions , with a focus on multicurrency managing the hedging, reconciliation and posting of transactions. w88eshop provides the connectivity to allow Individuals and/or merchants to interact with their customers and agents. w88eshop builds, manages and operates closed loop platforms for business to interface with local payments solutions.

How w88eshop Works - Case Studies:

An International Airline loyalty Program collects funds from suppliers who provide services to members all over the world. The Program charges a fee to the supplier for loyalty points. The Program needs a platform to manage the accumulation of points and to provide a billing and invoice engine to collect the funds from the suppliers.

A business needs to receive funds from customers in 20 countries and requires the funds to be received in each country. Local payment solutions only process in the local currency. w88eshop will provide a transaction management system and obtain a hedged price from each transaction and then manage the remittance and currency conversion. Each day the settlement files are reconciled and a report prepared for the business determining the amount processed in the businesses local currency.

A eMoney EU regulated entity needs a platform to manage funds deposited by a customers and also to account for multiple currencies as well as managing the ownership a metals and investment units all from the one members area. w88eshop provides the technology and provides customised deposit connectivity and provides a reconciliation and management service ensuring customer total outstandings are reconciled on a daily basis.

A remote Indian community with very limited access to international payment options such as Visa or Mastercard cards wish to purchase products from countries such as China, America and Europe. w88eshop, in conjunction with a card program manager provides a transaction management system which create a preload system against which normal scheme cards can be authorised and settled. The system provides online management for each customer to see and manage the use of both a physical and virtual card.

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